Tuesday, July 13, 2010

uber cute! super easy!

see what I mean?! yeah it took me less then an hour to do this!!! Ive got fabric to make two more! I actually finished the second one but measured wrong so Im gonna cut it up the sides and fix it :) I love easy fun project and this is definatly motivating me to get started on all those quilts I bet my dad I could finish!

Friday, July 9, 2010

ladies and gentlemen place your bets!

so I was at my weekly sit and sew with some of favorite quilting friends on wednesday. this week we met up at my moms house. after all the ladies had left and my dad got home from his dinner out (he didnt want to be in a house full of women sewing) he asked me how many unfinished quilts I had.... I said "well I have {insert long pause here} a lot?" and grinned. he asked how many is a lot? I said " well... I dont really know I guess Ive only finished one completely but I have a few that are close." he then challenged me! yes we are in a competition! he said he would make me a quilting rack that will hold 5 quilts but the only stipulation is I have to be finished with at least 5 quilts to hang on it by the time he is done building it.... can this be done?! I mean really?? Im gonna have to get my sew on! He's making it out of wood which I know I could do in a day so Im gonna have to give him some really intricate design so it will take him a little time ;)

on a side note I have finished other projects I make my sisters christmas gifts every year and he knows this he just likes to give me a hard time... and my mom has gotten more done lately then I have. but in my defense she has the summer off!

~ candace