Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am starting to feel...

overwhelmed!!! I'm sure we have all been there! I know I was getting everything finished for the craft fair I participated in not to long ago!  I've been resting (and cleaning up the mess) since then... however there is always another procrastinated project to take care of.. I know I know I do this to myself but I have SO much to do!! I've got to get some stocking blocks ready for a block swap at my favorite local quilt shop... I have yet to even get started... I have baby blanket to give make and give to one of my dear friends for their first child! Did I mention I've designed well.. Just part of the pattern but the part I've added is applique (which terrifies me) but I know it will be loved so I'm really excited!! I also have some home made christmas gifts to finish up.. I started them months ago but got distracted by this project or that. You know how it goes.. Basically I thought I was done with the stress.  I soon turned the corner and realized I've only piled up more.  I'm sorry for the complaining I know I've done this to myself but I also know that in the end it will all be well worth it!


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Sew It Up! said...

Some times just venting helps release the stress. :o)