Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Trees!

Everyone has been sharing their beautiful Christmas trees, so I thought Id share mine! I love to decorate the tree it is probably my favorite part about getting ready for Christmas. I dont have one at my apartment becuase well.. trees are expensive so Im waiting to get one on sale at an after christmas special (I really want an aluminum tree) so I decorated with my parents again this year at there house.

we put the tree up every year in the formal sitting room... ya know with all the antique furniture and the piano. When I tell my friends about the formal sitting room they dont seem to understand what it is... *shrugs* when you have beautiful things you want to put them in a special room.

my next tree is at work! its just a small one but I decorate it every year with things I find around the store.

I usually just use those mini sharpie highlighters because they have the little rings on the ends.. but we were sold out of all colors except yellow this year.. no fun.. so I used giant rings! notice anything familiar??? yep at the top is one of those cute little pincushions from the modabakeshop

I made a bunch of these little cuties and before I closed them up after stuffing I added a ribbon so people could hang them on their trees (in case they arent big sewers like the rest of us) now if you do this I dont recommend using the walnut shells.. Id go with something lighter.

and last but not least!!!!!


Merry Christmas everyone!


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