Monday, June 28, 2010

thoughts about Dear Jane...

I know I have yet to start.. I signed up for this BOM back in December (it was my birthday present to myself) and have been receiving my blocks since january. My mom signed up aswell! (her birthday is the day aftermine) Neither one of us has started but we are talking about escaping for a week to really knuckle down and get some done. Anywho, I dont know if any of you have been to but I stumbled across it today and well Ive read everything there is to read on this site. Im really excited because I think this will help me exponentially once I finally get started. It gives a lot of suggestions like keep a journal! I keep a regular journal anyways so a quilting journal will just be that much more fun! Ive also been thinking about doing two at once... so I can do the normal colored dear jane and then a fun funky one as a side project as I go! I know crazy thought right? but I figured as Im doing one already how much harder could it be to do two? PLUS I could practice with the funky colors so that my normal one will look that much better right!? I know I know Im nuts.. Im gonna give it more thought and mroe then likely start out doing two and give up on one ;) we will see Ill keep you posted!


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