Wednesday, July 29, 2009

living room madness!

I looked around my living room this morning as I was leaving for work and boy what a mess! I have started quilting so I have out quilt projects everywhere! I have one Im working on to hang over my couch. I have three purses Im working on. I have my first quilt I started that Im doing completely by hand, yes its very time consuming but relaxing. I also was sketching the other day, laying out design ideas and what not so I have my box of pencils out. I still have out my box of small projects that I took with me to the sit and sew. p.s. I love sit and sews! I honestly think it should be a regular thing.. not just once a month. It sure would help me finish up some of these projects that have taken over my entire downstairs. Not that I have a huge dowstairs mind you, its just my kitchen dining room and living room, but its still a huge mess. Hopefully Ill finish someday. I think Im going to start doing a little bit everyday and then before I know it Ill be done! wishful thinking?

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