Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some things Ive actually finished!

I made this rug for my kitchen, its an aunt phillys tooth brush rug! I took a class with my mom and the wonderful Wendy was our teacher at happines is quilting! this is my favorite little quilt shop in town! check it out

I made this bowl with my two of my girlie friends at walls of clay! this place is fantastic you go in pay for your dish and the paint and you can spend hours on end painting!!! I loved it! I didnt finish it one day so I went back and finished it the next, and I only had to pay for the paint the one time!

This is my first ever knit project! I taught myself by watching a dvd.. I only know one stitch *shrugs* but I like it all the same. As you can see its a little crooked. When I use it the handle is so stretchy the bag sags to the floor so I have to knot it up so Im not dragging it around. I do love it though and I do use it!

I dont have any pictures of my quilting progress yet but I will get to that.

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