Thursday, July 30, 2009

so I made a promise...

This is a picture my little sister and I saw on the way to somewhere... I think the lake house.. anywho it totally reminded us of a hefalump (sp?) from whinny the poo!

This is my Janome! I love it!!!! My mom got it for me for my birthday last year!!! I need to get a lil hook foot (a darning foot?) the one that lets you free sew... Im not sure what will fit on it though.. any ideas please let me know!

My first quil top! you actually cant tell but its two sections that I still need to sew together and there are a couple of more spots to applique.. All the circles were sewn on by hand and I am planning to quilt this little beauty by hand as well. I know very ambitous for my first quilt!

This is going to be the back!!! I absolutely love LOVE this fabric!!!

This is my first ever go at quilting! We had "quilt camp" at my parents lake house (just us girls) and we learned how to hand quilt! It was awesome!!!! and of coarse I was the only one to finish my little square but I think I did a fantastic job... now if only I could master my janome.

All right folks! theres a sneak peek! dont worry I have more and can not wait to share!!! I hope you will share some of your wonderful creations with me as well!!

~ Candace

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