Thursday, September 24, 2009


Alright Sweet P this ones for you!!!
(p.s. she is having the most fabulous give away!)

I am making coaster out of yo-yos and bottle caps!

Its simple you take your yo-yo maker I use the green one its a little bigger then a 50cent peice and put your fabric on, Im using a charm pack to match my turning twenty quilt since these will be used in my living room. When you pop the yo-yo maker off the fabric you put the bottle cap in before you tighten it and sew it closed.. so you have a hard little fabric covered bottle cap basically. When you have enough to make the coaster size of your choice you just stitch them together at the sides. its that easy and super cute!



paulette said...

Very cute! I might just have to whip up a few of these!! :o)

Sew It Up! said...

These are really cute and funky. I made some simple square ones for a friend. But yours are way cooler.

By the way, I finished the Mary Englebreit quilt for my other friend.