Thursday, September 17, 2009

lots of new ideas!!!

my head is a whirlwind I kid you not!!! so Ive been sketching and sewing since I got off work!!! a for warning I would post pictures but my camera has died and I can only find one battery.. call me cheap but I know I have a pack hiding some where and I am determined to find it!!

so my sketches!!! I have drawn out a plan to make a long quilted coat! I know Im scared too! It looks cool on paper but my concern is it will look more like a bathrobe then a coat when Im finished... we'll see. I want it to be reversable. so one side will be a solid with a standard diamond quilting and the other side will be some fun funky fabric with the squirley doos... stippling.. whatever you call it! I know sounds cool right?! maybe I should be on project runway! hahah yeah right.. the only clothing Ive ever sewn is pjs so Im gonna ask my mom for help on this one.. if she says no Ill be asking you guys!

second sketch! I want to do a "picture mosaic" I know this isnt the word but for the life of me I cant think of it... arg. the last time I did one was my freshman year of high school but its when you take a lot of small images and peice them together so they make up a larger image... I got the highest grad in my photography class.. we cut out small images from a magazine and peiced them together.. mine where hands... guh! this is going to drive me nuts and bolts! Ill think of it.. but any who how cool would that be?! to sew together different colored and patterend squares (like 2 1/2 in) and make a giant picture?! I may try hands again because its easy.. I figured I could try it out with a baby doll quilt.. we'll see! Im pretty excited though!!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the sewing I got done today!!! I found a fusable fleece to quilt my purses with (it makes things easy) Im testing the waters here because Ive never actually machine quilted anything *gulp* so Im starting out on the purse for me.. for the outside which is kind of a brick patter (there are pictures in earlier posts) i just followed that and sewed it together! I have also sewn my handles... so now I just have to do the inside... I bought a darning foot for my machine but cant figure out how to get it on.. dont freak out I will... the lady explained it to me in the store and now I cant remember.. go figure... so Im checking out you tube and *swagbucks* (the seach engine I use! check it out!!!) to find the answers.. if I cant Ill go back to the store and ask again.. so far Ive been able to learn everything by reading the manual but this one isnt so clear. Any who Im going to do free motion sewing for the first time on the inside.. everyone Ive talked to says to practice on pot holders but this is a perfect way to practice! A. I dont need any more pot holders B. no one really sees the inside of your purse!... the ladies at HIQ agree!

thats all for now! agian I will post pictures of patterns and purses as soon as I find another battery!


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