Tuesday, September 15, 2009

could this week get any worse?!?!

I know I know *knock on wood* so I didnt get to bed until about 3 am monday morning because of a cricket.. it just kept chirping and chirping.. I appreciate nature.. when it doesnt keep me up.. then I get to work monday morning and the credit card machine doesnt work.. so we have to open late because it has to work (nobody has cash anymore).. then the copier broke.. thankfully the guy made it out the same day but I still didnt get any work done.. then today.. all was fine and dandy until I go to buy a small snack and my credit card is declined.. what?! yeah so I call the company and I say hey whats up why wont it work I know Im no where near my limit.. turns out somebody used my card in pennsylvania this morning.. at 9am... yeah Im not there.. have never been there... luckily they put a hold on my card right after it happend because it was a purchase in an odd place... not here.. so they are fixing it and sending me a new card.. I know I have a LOT to be happy about I just want one day where nothing goes wrong.. sorry for the complaints :( I just am a little bumbed about this weeks start.. tomorrows wednesday.. hopefully it will be a good start to a great end of the week

the eternal optomist

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Sew It Up! said...

Total bummer!!! Here's hoping the next week will be better. :o)

About the Puff Quilt- I would so totally love to show you how to make one! I'm working out the kinks on the instructions and hoping to post it soon in my blog. So just keep checking back.