Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I need help...

well only on a few things..

first - all the blogs I follow have vanished from my blog roll... why? what did I do?

second - hand quilting KILLS my fingers!!! so for those of you who hand quilt can you remedy my problem? I really like doing it but it hurts.

ok now on to the good stuff! I got out my free standing ring thing so I can more easily quilt the center of my hand quilt!

how cool is that?! I cant wait to test it out!!!

now more exciting news!!! since I finished my block swap blocks Ive started another quilt top!!! Im using that soiree jelly rolled I showed you not to long ago. Im so excited here are just a few blocks that I have finished!


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craft-crazed said...

ok now my blog roll has magically shown back up.. so weird