Sunday, August 23, 2009

A day of sewing!

sorry I have no pictures to post... I always think pictures make blogs more exciting.... I just wanted to share that today while doing laundry at my folks house, yes I do it there because I dont own a washer and dryer and well.. lets be honest.. its free (and dinner is included) :) hahaha anywho I sat around and watched tv with my mom and dad well more so my mom, dad swept and vacuumed and polished the wood floors and mopped the kitchen, what a good guy he is. so while me and my mom watched tv and dad worked I sewed yes that is all I did while there (besides laundry) I got 11 blocks for my block swap done! so then after dinner I packed up my machine and clean clothes and headed home... where I worked on some actual work.. the kind you get paid for and then when I was finished with that (it didnt take long) I did 2 more blocks! so if you count the 1 I did the other day plus the total 13 I did today.. Im at 14 blocks!!!! only 11 more to go and Im done!!! Im pretty proud of myself, my mom was at 10 last week and I felt so behind but now Im caught up and then some.. Although I will say while this is super fun! and Im really excited about the swap (which actually isnt until october we are just excited) Im kinda sad to have to trade off my blocks... I love the colors I picked out... I know I will love everyone elses too but man.. Oh well I guess that just means Ill have to make another one :) the flowers are so cute!

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