Sunday, August 9, 2009

what a weekend!

Sorry guys, I dont have any pictures to post today.. but I will tomorrow because boy do I have some things to share!!! I went fabric shopping Friday after I got off work.. I know I probably shouldnt have but come on... some times you just cant help it :) I picked up some goodies at The Quilt Asylum I just love their clearance bins! yes fat quarters galore and they always have some good ones to choose from! Not to mention the shelves and shelves and rows and rows of fabric. Its beautiful! Then I went over and paid a visit to the lovely Laura Kay at Happiness Is.. Quilting! She got in two new jelly rolls! one of which Ive had my eyes on.. the Moda Soiree!! oh my! I love it.. Like I said Ill post pictures tomorrow!!!! I have plans for it.. big plans! Then saturday I puppy sat at my parents house, it was fun I definatly enjoy the big space to myself... especially the movie room :) I got my circle quilt all sandwiched together and I started the hand quilting today! boy are my fingers in pain.. I am really enjoying doing this. Its hard and painful but I know that when the end result finally comes around it will be well worth it all! I got quite a bit done Im pretty excited. OH! and just a funny story I let the dogs out this morning about 6:30ish to do their business... I have to go outside with them because my dads dog wont go outside unless you go with her.. I dont know why but she needs you there to do her thing... so I go out side with the dogs enjoying the cool of the morning and the sun coming up and then we turn around to go inside and guess what... I closed the door behind us forgetting that I hadnt unlocked it from the night before.. so Im completely locked out of the house.. in my pjs.. and yes all the doors are locked.. so I walk around the outside because usually my little sister will leave her window unlocked... no such luck.. I went to the front all the windows I could get to were locked.. I finally went back into the backyard and by the kitchen and thankfully the kitchen window was unlocked.. so I climbed through the window and let the dogs back in for breakfast... and unlocked the door so I wouldnt forget and do it all pver again later.. my parents got a kick out of that story when they got home :) Im just glad the neighbors didnt see.. I would have hated having to explain myself.. Sorry officer I wasnt awake *shrugs* hahaha Oh well... this wasnt the first time and Im sure it wont be the last.

~ Candace

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