Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Turning 20 quilt top... check!

Yes thats right ladies and gents I finished my turning 20 quilt top!!! wooo go me!

isnt it fabulous?! I love it!!! I had to drape it on my book shelf to show that it is actually all sewn together!!! Ill get a better pic for you after I finish quilting it and hang it on my wall!!! Im soooo excited! Im getting ready to resign my lease and my home is starting to come together ;) only took a year. haha and now that Im done with this quilt top I can get started on sewing my blocks for my first block swap!!! Im so excited!!! Id work on them tomorrow but I dont want wendy and andree to see... I want them to be a suprise!
On another note tomorrow is the Sit and Sew at HIQ anyone and everyone is welcome! Its from 7 to 10.. although last time Im pretty sure I was there until 11 or 11:30.. Wendy made me stay haha and those of you who dont live in the area and cant make it well sew with us anyways! Youll be there in the spirit of quiltingness!

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