Sunday, August 16, 2009

a wonderful weekend!!!

I went to my parents lake house this weekend!!! I headed out right after work but first... I made a pit stop at Happiness Is.. Quilting! I signed up for my very first block swap!!!! Im so SUPER excited about it! the blocks are so awesome! Ill post pictures as soon as I finish my first complete one. so anywho. I stopped to pick up some fabrics for my blocks they are french flowers! and super cute! my fabrics are bold and dont really match but do... you'll see. My mom also happens to be signed up for this block swap! so saturday was spent cutting out all of our flowers!!! I decided I cant start sewing my blocks until Ive finished my turning twenty quilt top.. I know Im slow *shrugs* its because I start like 15 projects at one time. The swap is in october so anyone who reads my blog and lives in the area.. sign up! it took the afternoon to cut out the flowers.. and Im sure it wont take long to sew the blocks together at all! I also got a ton done on my hand quilting project! I can not wait until its finished!!!!!

happy sewing!


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