Monday, August 10, 2009

the promised pictures!!!

but first! I must share the exciting news that my little sister is home from Ireland! I cant wait to hear all about it!!! ok now on to the goods ;)

ahh! the lovely additions to my stash!!!! they are just so bright and vibrant! which you cant really tell from this picture.. but I promise they are oodles of fun!

and another! this one you can definatly see the patterns better!!! I LOVE these fabrics.. and I got the all HALF OFF!!!! at The Quilt Asylum

Just look at this Jelly Roll goodness!!!!! I walked into Happiness Is.. Quilting! and Laura Kay greated me and asked what I thought.. well I said Ive actually been looking at this fabric online!!! so I had to get one.. it was fate!
I just love the way they look!!! Doesnt it just remind you of those giant suckers from childhood?! the ones it would have taken a month to finish if your parents hadnt made you throw it out at the end of the day! man its almost a shame to take it apart ;) not!ok I dont know how well you can see it.. but this is my hand quilting so far.. I know the stitches are far apart.. I am doing the rocking finger thing.. which kills my fingers.. so any other suggestions Im open.. I really do think by the end of this quilt my hand quilting will be top notch though!


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