Thursday, August 6, 2009

self portrait

In all forms of art you end up with the inevitable.. self portrait.. well I happened to be in an art quilting club last year and we did a self portrait out of fabric.. mines not finished Ive still got some embellishing to do... but here it is..

What we did was take a picture of ourselves.. well have someone else do it its easier that way :) then we made it bigger on the copier and then from there we traced it onto a transparency.. then you can trace over that onto your fasta-fuse! its soo easy!!! my hair is actually shor now and I had braces then which I am going to add with silver embroidary thread and juju beads (seed beads) Heres a close up...

my hair is yarn that I picked up at hobby lobby and pricked on there with my felting needle.. I LOVE that thing! it was definatly money well spent! I use it for everything.. I add yarn to my ATCs (artist trading cards) which we traded in our club every month and my post cards which we also traded for holidays and what not which was so much fun to get in the mail!!! Ill post some pictures of those for yall next time!!


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